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My cashout failed



  • Kendale N' Tatoo

    Failed payments occur when a Contributor has entered invalid payment account information????
    (eg. name, address, bank account number, email address, etc)

    I dont agree..

    All my info is correct, yet when I want to cash out, most times it fails.
    I've contacted support regarding this and was told "too many people are trying to cash out" OR "theres an issue on their end" and i'am to keep trying.

    Reading this article makes me think that it's MY fault for it to fail.. yet it's not always the contributor's fault!!
    That's something that should be mentioned...

    ALSO, these articles are short.. theres not much info in each..
    Although I have found a few articles helpful, I'm disappointed they're not thoroughly detailed.


  • Lucy

    Hi Kendale,

    I am sorry for the fruatration. We appreciate your feedback and will take it into consideration to improve our Help Center. In order to review your account and verify that all the payment information was correct, I am going to pass this to our Support team so they can investigate and help you. Thank you for your contributions and patience!


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